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Tech Time Out



Hard to believe, but even I enjoy a “Tech Time Out” occasionally! I know many of you might find this surprising. ūüôā Checking and scrolling through my phone is addictive though and sometimes we need a little extra help with our self control and willpower. Or, at least I do!

This first item I learned from my daughter who uses this app all of the time when studying. It’s called the SelfControl App¬†and it blocks social media sites (and any other site you want) ¬†from opening for the amount of time you schedule it. Even if you shut down your computer/phone and restart it, the time stays set on that device. For more helpful sites for better focus, check out this post “10 Online Tools for Better Attention & Focus.”

The next item seems silly but I can see the benefit! It’s the “Offline Glass.” According to the website, the Offline Glass is “a ¬†creation of the advertising agency Fischer & Friends, the glass that only stands supported by the mobile phone and rescues people from the online world and brings them back to the chat.” The glass has a notch taken out of the base and will only stand upright when a cellphone is placed underneath of it.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas break. I am looking to a little unplugged time!

As always, if you have a question, just ask!


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Boomerang It!


Happy Wired Wednesday, 

Today’s Wired Wednesday is all about¬†TIME. I use¬† 
and find that it saves me a lot of time. 
In fact, I use Boomerang to schedule these Wired Wednesday tips 
to be emailed on Wednesdays. Many of these tips are really “Slow Sundays” in disguise. ūüôā
Boomerang for Gmail let’s you:
-write an email and schedule it to be sent at a later date or time
-allows you to open an email and then schedule it come back to your inbox at a later time (a reminder closer to the date/event, etc..)
-remind you if you don’t hear back about a certain email/event – can schedule it to “boomerang” back to you if you do not get a response¬†
** Boomerang for Gmail is only a Chrome App so you will not be able to use it with your Gmail unless you are in the Chrome Browser.**
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