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Wired Wednesday -Meerkat Periscope -May 13, 2015

on May 13, 2015


Happy Wired Wednesday!

There are two new….very new… apps you will hear more about in the future.
These apps integrate with Twitter and allow live streaming to all the followers of that Twitter account. These programs can also create an archived link of the video.
Why would anyone use these apps?
How Periscope is already helping politicians kill the press conference
Cmdr Chris Hadfield on Twitter
The Canadian Astronaut, Cmdr Hadfield has been in space streaming live videos in real time to his million plus followers (many are students–who are also Skyping with him) AMAZING!
Of course, many celebrities are sharing their stories with their Twitter followers.
As with most new tools, the original experimental use seems trivial and a bit like “what I had for lunch”…..but then grows in meaningful ways.
How could education use these apps? A school/district Twitter account could live stream any function to their followers— PTG meetings, science labs, graduations, concerts, plays, etc… to all of those people who are following that account and unable to attend in person. Anyone managing a school/company Twitter account, using their phone/smart device, could send a video and share the event in real time. The possibilities are endless.
At any moment, a live video can be taken and shared with the world in real time…. from someone walking down the street, to a bathroom, to a classroom…. and more. It can be a very unnerving thought. It is important to know these technologies exist.
For more information- check out any of the links I shared above and below
How early adopters are using Meerkat and Periscope
What You Need to Know About Meerkat and Periscope
If you have any questions, just ask!

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