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Wired Wednesday- GIFs 4/16/15

on April 16, 2015
So…. has this been you wondering where your Wired Wednesday tip was yesterday?
This week’s Wired Wednesday tip is explaining GIFs.
A GIF is a graphics interchange format— basically a picture that moves with no sound. The picture is actually a group of pictures moving very quickly…like an old flip book….GIFs are old…. but they are making a fun comeback.
A few weeks ago, a reporter emailed Google for a comment about a leaked news story and a GIF was sent back to the reporter. The reporter replied with “Very funny….but what is your official comment?” Google replied, “That was our official comment.”
I often send a GIF in a text message when words just don’t explain my message. You can find GIFs by searching an idea (for example, happy dance +gif) and clicking on images. You can download them like any other image/photo and insert them like photos. Like anything else on the internet, be aware that there are inappropriate GIFs, too.
GIFs work in various social medias–Twitter, most text messages, and in emails. But, they do not work (for now) in Facebook.
Why would someone want to add a GIF to a message? Sometimes, nothing says it better than a GIF and they do grab your attention.
And, sometimes they are just plain fun and make you do a little happy dance….
Inline image 2

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