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Wired Wednesday – Genius Hour 3/25/15

on March 25, 2015
Happy Wired Wednesday, 

There is a wonderful article on Genius Hour in the April/May issue of Today’s Catholic Teacher. Simply explained, Genius Hour is the opportunity to pick your own topic for discovery. It is also known as Passion Based Projects, 20% Time, or Wonder Workshops (and a host of other names).


I hope you get the opportunity to read the article and explore the idea. We have a few teachers at SGGS who have used Genius Hour and have shared with me how much they and their students enjoy the learning.


Last spring, Lynn and I presented a session at the NCEA conference in Pittsburgh on Genius Hour. Over the last few years, I have used Genius Hour to develop research and summarizing skills with grades 2 and 3. I am always amazed at the topic choices: electricity, Mona Lisa, service dogs, tornadoes, roller-coasters, chocolate, and more! One year a student taught me how cupcakes were named after cakes that were baked in teacups… How cool is that!


I have seen the approach used across a variety of grades and subject areas including math and science.

If you are looking for additional information on the topic,  here is a LiveBinder with Genius Hour helpful links:

As always, happy to help if you have a question,

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