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Wired Wednesday – Genius Hour 3/25/15

Happy Wired Wednesday, 

There is a wonderful article on Genius Hour in the April/May issue of Today’s Catholic Teacher. Simply explained, Genius Hour is the opportunity to pick your own topic for discovery. It is also known as Passion Based Projects, 20% Time, or Wonder Workshops (and a host of other names).


I hope you get the opportunity to read the article and explore the idea. We have a few teachers at SGGS who have used Genius Hour and have shared with me how much they and their students enjoy the learning.


Last spring, Lynn and I presented a session at the NCEA conference in Pittsburgh on Genius Hour. Over the last few years, I have used Genius Hour to develop research and summarizing skills with grades 2 and 3. I am always amazed at the topic choices: electricity, Mona Lisa, service dogs, tornadoes, roller-coasters, chocolate, and more! One year a student taught me how cupcakes were named after cakes that were baked in teacups… How cool is that!


I have seen the approach used across a variety of grades and subject areas including math and science.

If you are looking for additional information on the topic,  here is a LiveBinder with Genius Hour helpful links:

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Wired Wednesday – How I See Social Media 3/18/15

Happy Wired Wednesday!

Inline image 1
It’s a visual world today and this graphic says it best!
Great summary of the social media programs available.
Check out the hashtag with SnapChat
once we start to use it they leave it for something “cooler.”
As always, if you have a question, just ask!
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Wired Wednesday -Google Search 3/11/15

Happy Wired Wednesday!

I hope you find this Google Search as helpful as I have:
  1. Go to 
  2. Search for your topic
  3. Click the “Search Tools” button.
  4. Click “All Results” and pull down to “Reading Level.”
  5. Click your reading level from the choices listed (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

I have found this very helpful when searching for different links, lessons and activities for students. 

If this is you, happy to help! Just ask! 🙂 
Inline image 2
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