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Wired Wednesday -Projects by Jen 2/25/15

on February 25, 2015

Happy Wired Wednesday,
Let’s think spring…. Or at least try!

Want to do a project with other classrooms but don’t know WHERE or HOW to start?

The links at the bottom make the WHERE & HOW easy.

St. Patrick’s Day Project 1st link –
Use Lucky Charm cereal (to count not eat) for lessons and connecting with other  classrooms around the world to compare & contrast data (math, language arts, geography)

Get moving with the 2nd link!
Tracking steps, connecting classrooms/schools around the world to understand importance of movement & how coming together makes a large task manageable (math, science, PE, geography, science & language arts)

The OREO Stacking, Christmas Cards from Around the World & Pumpkin Seeds project done in comp lab & classrooms – all inspired by the amazing Jen Wagner and her engaging, connecting lessons.

These projects include lessons with step by step directions. There are additional ideas including many creative writing suggestions.

(These lessons generally stop at 5th grade but might inspire an older version for you if you check them out.)

ProjectsbyJen has always been one of  “me lucky charms!” 🙂

Enjoy! If you participate, let me know so I can share!

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