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Wired Wednesday Little Free Libraries 2/11/15

on February 11, 2015

Happy Wired Wednesday!

Have you heard of “Little Free Libraries”? Last Christmas, in Maine, I saw my first one outside of a beautiful old church. It was made possible by a local 3rd grade class. I think they are wonderful!
“The Little Free Library movement began in Wisconsin in 2009, and gained momentum quickly. Little free libraries sprung up all over the world—outside cafes, in parks, beside full-sized libraries and bookstores, and even in people’s front yards. They have books inside for anyone to borrow, with signs inviting users to donate books. By January 2015, the number of mini libraries registered with the Little Free Library organisation had grown to 22,000.”
Check out this link with 15 Gorgeous Little Free Libraries
I learned of  “mental _floss” website from a presenter at VSTE. I always find an interesting fact or two. 
As always, if you have a question, just ask!

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