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Wired Wednesday -Projects by Jen 2/25/15

Happy Wired Wednesday,
Let’s think spring…. Or at least try!

Want to do a project with other classrooms but don’t know WHERE or HOW to start?

The links at the bottom make the WHERE & HOW easy.

St. Patrick’s Day Project 1st link –
Use Lucky Charm cereal (to count not eat) for lessons and connecting with other  classrooms around the world to compare & contrast data (math, language arts, geography)

Get moving with the 2nd link!
Tracking steps, connecting classrooms/schools around the world to understand importance of movement & how coming together makes a large task manageable (math, science, PE, geography, science & language arts)

The OREO Stacking, Christmas Cards from Around the World & Pumpkin Seeds project done in comp lab & classrooms – all inspired by the amazing Jen Wagner and her engaging, connecting lessons.

These projects include lessons with step by step directions. There are additional ideas including many creative writing suggestions.

(These lessons generally stop at 5th grade but might inspire an older version for you if you check them out.)

ProjectsbyJen has always been one of  “me lucky charms!” 🙂

Enjoy! If you participate, let me know so I can share!

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Wired Wednesday Little Free Libraries 2/11/15

Happy Wired Wednesday!

Have you heard of “Little Free Libraries”? Last Christmas, in Maine, I saw my first one outside of a beautiful old church. It was made possible by a local 3rd grade class. I think they are wonderful!
“The Little Free Library movement began in Wisconsin in 2009, and gained momentum quickly. Little free libraries sprung up all over the world—outside cafes, in parks, beside full-sized libraries and bookstores, and even in people’s front yards. They have books inside for anyone to borrow, with signs inviting users to donate books. By January 2015, the number of mini libraries registered with the Little Free Library organisation had grown to 22,000.”
Check out this link with 15 Gorgeous Little Free Libraries
I learned of  “mental _floss” website from a presenter at VSTE. I always find an interesting fact or two. 
As always, if you have a question, just ask!
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Wired Wednesday – Google Presentations 2/4/15

Happy Wired Wednesday,

-Create a Google Presentation and give each student in the class one slide to create and present an entire class presentation….
-Use Google Slides &  students to add a definition, origin, accent and image to one slide & vocabulary words on next slide (science terms, chapter summaries, etc..) to use as flash cards for studying
-1 slide & 1 word/term/fact per student…combine together for 1 class presentation or study guide… Creative, collaborative learning from anywhere
After reading through this link of great Google Presentation ideas, I thought, “Why haven’t I ever thought of these ideas before?” The possibilities of 1 slide, different topics and a group is endless. Favorite Saint? Recipe? Rainy day recess activity?
Check out this link for more:
As always, if you have a question, just ask!
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