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Wired Wednesday – Smart Devices 1/28/15

Happy Wired Wednesday!

Today, SmartPhones are everywhere. What’s the future hold for the “smart” line of devices?
How about a Smart Crockpot you can turn on, off, and change the temperature to high/low from anywhere? Or, a smart oven? Hmmm… there are lots of possibilities. These items are more than “imagine this….”
These items were on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this month and available for purchase soon.
It is easy to see our students will have a future we can’t even imagine and the need for skills, mindset to navigate it. At the very least, they will have a very different type of kitchen than I do. Maybe, it’s finally time to renovate my kitchen.
Check out these items and more. As Sr. Rita often says,”The future is now.”
Smart Crockpot
The Future of Kitchens

As always, happy to help. If you have a question, just ask!
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Wired Wednesday -Assistive Tech Apps 1/21/15

Happy Wired Wednesday!

Looking for a new app to help a student who may be struggling with a reading or math concept? Or, just a few apps to add something new to a lesson? Check out this list of some really great new apps!
A big thanks to a friend for sharing this list with me. Interestingly, I saw the News-O-Matic app (#9 on the list) developers last summer at ISTE as they explained their new app to help students learn about world news in a student friendly way. I loved the app then and now.
I hope you find something helpful for your students.
If you have a question, just ask!
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Wired Wednesday -Podcasts 1/14/15

Happy Wired Wednesday!

Audio podcasts are becoming very popular once again.
For some, listening to podcasts may have never stopped but the hit podcast Serial ( and the TED Radio Hour podcasts ( have become favorites for many when they are traveling, working out, etc…
During my workouts,  I learn something new from the TED Radio hour that fascinates me. (Yesterday I learned the average daily commute in China is 5 hours long & last summer there was a traffic collision in China that took ELEVEN days to clear)
I will admit over Christmas break, I worked out a few more times and a bit longer to listen to the Serial podcasts (a true story about a crime in Baltimore in 1999). The episodes are captivating! Do you have any favorite podcasts to share?
If you would like to give it a try, listen to the podcasts through iTunes podcasts and enjoy! Look for this icon on your smart phone or iPad & then search (Serial, TED Radio Hour, etc…) or any variety of topics –
Or check this link for more top podcasts
There are so many topics I am sure you will find something of interest!
As always, if you have any questions, just ask!
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