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Tech Time Out



Hard to believe, but even I enjoy a “Tech Time Out” occasionally! I know many of you might find this surprising. ūüôā Checking and scrolling through my phone is addictive though and sometimes we need a little extra help with our self control and willpower. Or, at least I do!

This first item I learned from my daughter who uses this app all of the time when studying. It’s called the SelfControl App¬†and it blocks social media sites (and any other site you want) ¬†from opening for the amount of time you schedule it. Even if you shut down your computer/phone and restart it, the time stays set on that device. For more helpful sites for better focus, check out this post “10 Online Tools for Better Attention & Focus.”

The next item seems silly but I can see the benefit! It’s the “Offline Glass.” According to the website, the Offline Glass is “a ¬†creation of the advertising agency Fischer & Friends, the glass that only stands supported by the mobile phone and rescues people from the online world and brings them back to the chat.” The glass has a notch taken out of the base and will only stand upright when a cellphone is placed underneath of it.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas break. I am looking to a little unplugged time!

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Curating Content


In the “Curating Content” session at VSTE (Virginia Society for Technology in Education), I could not stop reflecting on a fact that Steve Anderson (@web20classroom), the presenter, shared:

“In ONE MONTH, there is more content created on YouTube than the the major TV networks, COMBINED, have created in their entire 60+ years in existence.”
 (and that was a statistic from 2012!)
We are swimming in content, links, and information everyday and most of it is digital.
How do you “curate your content”?¬†
How many times have you said, “I wish I could find that blog, link, or website?”¬†
Saving bookmarks to one computer is risky and hard to access.  Emailing links back and forth is messy and ineffective.
There is no one right way to manage all this information. But, we have to learn how to do it effectively and intelligently. Find a way that works best for you!
Create a Pinterest board, a Symbaloo Mix, post to Google+, share inEdmodo (automatically saves any posted links to your library), Flipboard, useDiigo, or Delicious, to name just a few.
I use many of those programs and think you will find something that works for you! (Steve Anderson recommended POCKET and I am giving it a try.)
It is not about the tool as much as the process of organizing your resources in an organized accessible way.
Start small and work from there.
Try to find a process/program that:
-allows you to access the link/information from anywhere and any computer device
-allows you to share the links with others  (it is great information why not share it?)
(what if you and your grade partners created a shared Pinterest board that allowed everyone to pin to it? Or, a Symbaloo Mix created by admin for sharing links of interest?  A school Google+ community that empowers that for all?) 
-is easy for you to do (if it is hard, you will give up on it)
After all, we have to learn how to manage, or curate the content, to help our students to learn how to do the same.
As always, if you have a question, just ask!
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Best Healthy Lifestyle iPhone & Android Apps of the Year


With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, staying active and making healthy food choices is hard! The mobile health & fitness industry is exploding as fitness, health & smart phones merge.

Check out this list of the best mobile health & fitness app from 2014.

Best Healthy Lifestyle iPhone & Android Apps of the Year
If you have any questions, just ask!
Have a happy, healthy, Wired Wednesday! (shared November 5th)
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