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How/When Does a Connection Become Authentic?

on October 15, 2014

IMG_9887This week’s prompt is an interesting one, “How/When Does a Connection Become Authentic?” For me, the connection becomes authentic when it means something to me in a real way. I realize the words “in a real way” may seem ambiguous, so let me explain what it means to me. When something is important to me, I make time for it. When something brings value into my life, I find the time to do it. How does this connect to being a connected educator? This is a hard one for me to clearly put into words, quite honestly. I do know the connections I have made via #catholicedchat feel very authentic and real to me. I learn so much from the Twitter chat that takes places every Saturday morning. I am grateful to Nancy Caramanico and Barb Gilman for bringing us together each week. I feel energized from the conversations we have and the topics we discuss. I feel valued and humbled by the intelligent discussions we manage to create through keystrokes and cyber space.

When does a virtual connection become an authentic one? It seems a bit odd to say, but when the connection becomes less about computers exchanging words and more about people talking and exchanging ideas.

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