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Boomerang It!


Happy Wired Wednesday, 

Today’s Wired Wednesday is all about TIME. I use 
and find that it saves me a lot of time. 
In fact, I use Boomerang to schedule these Wired Wednesday tips 
to be emailed on Wednesdays. Many of these tips are really “Slow Sundays” in disguise. 🙂
Boomerang for Gmail let’s you:
-write an email and schedule it to be sent at a later date or time
-allows you to open an email and then schedule it come back to your inbox at a later time (a reminder closer to the date/event, etc..)
-remind you if you don’t hear back about a certain email/event – can schedule it to “boomerang” back to you if you do not get a response 
** Boomerang for Gmail is only a Chrome App so you will not be able to use it with your Gmail unless you are in the Chrome Browser.**
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Have a Hoot With Kahoot!

Hello All,
If you have devices available to your students in your classroom, read this.  YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!

Check out KAHOOT. IT IS A HOOT! You and your students will have a blast learning!

It is EASY PEASY and tons of fun…..

You set up questions for your students to answer, using a smartphone or any device, students join with a code you give them (a tiny bit like Socrative–but more fun), answer questions, get points, pull ahead of classmates…. tons of fun!

It is an awesome review tool and honestly…… just fun learning! If you use it, please share!

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How/When Does a Connection Become Authentic?

IMG_9887This week’s prompt is an interesting one, “How/When Does a Connection Become Authentic?” For me, the connection becomes authentic when it means something to me in a real way. I realize the words “in a real way” may seem ambiguous, so let me explain what it means to me. When something is important to me, I make time for it. When something brings value into my life, I find the time to do it. How does this connect to being a connected educator? This is a hard one for me to clearly put into words, quite honestly. I do know the connections I have made via #catholicedchat feel very authentic and real to me. I learn so much from the Twitter chat that takes places every Saturday morning. I am grateful to Nancy Caramanico and Barb Gilman for bringing us together each week. I feel energized from the conversations we have and the topics we discuss. I feel valued and humbled by the intelligent discussions we manage to create through keystrokes and cyber space.

When does a virtual connection become an authentic one? It seems a bit odd to say, but when the connection becomes less about computers exchanging words and more about people talking and exchanging ideas.

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