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Wired Wednesday- 9/24/2014 -Aurasma

on September 24, 2014
Today’s Wired Wednesday is all about Aurasma... What is Aurasma? 3D/augmented reality added to a flat image…
Aurasma is a bit like QR codes….but even better
QR codes
-scan the QR code (with an app/QR code reader) 
-linked to videos, emails, websites, etc… with more information
-allows you to turn any image into something to scan (with the Aurasma app)
-links it to a video, a website, etc… 
At EdCampVaBeach, Eric shared with us how he used Aurasma with his yearbook last year! 
This short video will be very helpful to understand how Eric used Aurasma with his yearbook.
Pretty cool, huh? 
(Eric’s blog post –
There are so many ways we can use this in our classrooms. What other uses come to mind? 
Few more informative links

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