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Wired Wednesday- 9/24/2014 -Aurasma

Today’s Wired Wednesday is all about Aurasma... What is Aurasma? 3D/augmented reality added to a flat image…
Aurasma is a bit like QR codes….but even better
QR codes
-scan the QR code (with an app/QR code reader) 
-linked to videos, emails, websites, etc… with more information
-allows you to turn any image into something to scan (with the Aurasma app)
-links it to a video, a website, etc… 
At EdCampVaBeach, Eric shared with us how he used Aurasma with his yearbook last year! 
This short video will be very helpful to understand how Eric used Aurasma with his yearbook.
Pretty cool, huh? 
(Eric’s blog post –
There are so many ways we can use this in our classrooms. What other uses come to mind? 
Few more informative links
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Wired Wednesday What is an Edcamp? 9/17/14

Happy Wired Wednesday!

Today’s tip will be short and sweet! The question is, “What is an EdCamp?” For those of you who attended last Saturday’s #EdCampVaBeach, you know the answer.
It is an un–conference, a conference with no set/pre-determined agenda, no topics preplanned, no sessions created with power points. It is a day of sharing topics requested by those in attendance. The topics are varied and many are not tech related.
Take a look at this quick video that shows highlights of our EdCamp day. Notice the board —empty at the beginning and filled with topics to discuss by the end.
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Wired Wednesday – QR Codes 9/10/14

Happy Wired Wednesday, Everyone!

Someone recently asked me to explain how they could use QR codes in the classroom. I can honestly say that I did not explain it nearly as well as this young student did (1 minute) or with the same wonderful accent! 🙂
QR code creators are a google search away! Turn any link into a QR code. QR code readers are free and easy to download on any device.
Post them around your classrooms with questions around the current week’s lesson for a scavenger hunt lesson. 
For more information on QR codes in the classroom, check out Kathy Schrock’s tips & ideas:
If you have any questions, always HAPPY to help!
Scan the code below and then click on the link (or click watch video)
Inline image 1
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