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Do You Ever Wonder?

on May 1, 2013


Have you ever wondered….
….can food be art?…

…where is the biggest castle in the world?…

…how many bones are in the human body?…

The website is a WONDERful, interactive site that will fill your mind and your students’ minds with WONDER. Use this WONDERful site to inspire writing, blogging prompts or to create some WONDERful science, math, or social studies lessons.

Or, to even let your own mind WONDER. Please share with me if you find something in the site you use, like or find WONDERful!


4 responses to “Do You Ever Wonder?

  1. I have been following this site for a while and I really love it. I am going to try to include it next year, possibly this summer, as an RSS feed on Edmodo for my summer reading students. I think it holds all kinds of possibilities for blog posts as you said. Thanks for spreading the word.

    • kbisaill says:

      I think there are some great lessons and ideas on the site just waiting to be implemented in the classroom. I also have learned to appreciate and allow myself to just learn, wonder and reflect. We don’t do it enough in this fast paced world!

  2. pat1953 says:

    I just checked this out today, Kay! A perfect day as I learned all about STINK BUGS! They can be pesky! Here’s link to a video if you or your readers are interested:

    Thanks for all you share!

  3. kbisaill says:

    Learning is learning! Even if it is all about STINK BUGS! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Pat!

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