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Miracles Are All Around Us

Today’s Tech Tip May 21, 2013

There are small miracles around us everyday. I find it amazing this video is something I can view and share with all of you.

Our prayers to those in Oklahoma who are suffering so much. Our prayers to those teachers who risked their lives for their students. This morning, I heard a teacher say, “I did everything I could to protect my students. I laid on top of them as the walls fell around us.”

The connections and feelings we share through technology is my focus for today’s tech tip.

Let’s remember to appreciate the small things in life and to see the miracles in them.

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Do You Ever Wonder?


Have you ever wondered….
….can food be art?…

…where is the biggest castle in the world?…

…how many bones are in the human body?…

The website is a WONDERful, interactive site that will fill your mind and your students’ minds with WONDER. Use this WONDERful site to inspire writing, blogging prompts or to create some WONDERful science, math, or social studies lessons.

Or, to even let your own mind WONDER. Please share with me if you find something in the site you use, like or find WONDERful!