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I Will Keep Whistling

on March 31, 2013


The Easter mass my husband and I attended was lovely. The music was beautiful. The people looked pretty in their pastel spring colors. The younger children were adorable. All of those things were wonderful. I left feeling renewed and refreshed in my faith. What a wonderful experience!

The story our priest shared with us has slowly grown in my mind.

“A young man moved into a new home. His neighbor, an elderly gentleman would daily tend to his rose garden. The entire time he gardened, he would whistle. He would whistle loud and long. Our priest has a wonderful way with words and he said, “the whistling seemed to be louder than necessary for the gentleman’s own pleasure.” The new neighbor grew weary of the constant loud whistling. Eventually, he went and introduced himself to the older gentlemen who kindly invited him inside for a drink. Once inside the house, the young man met his new neighbor’s elderly wife. She was blind and had difficulty walking. The older gentlemen explained, “When I work in the garden, I whistle so she knows I am nearby.”

This story brought tears to my eyes. It honestly still does. It made me think…. a lot. Who is whistling for you? Who are you whistling for? Professionally? Personally? Personally, I hear my husband whistling to me every day. His love rings in my ears. I hope he hears my whistles for him, as well. Together, we remember to be quiet so we can hear God whistling for both of us.

Professionally, I am whistling…loud and long. I am sharing all I am learning about passionate, engaged learning for our students. I am talking to others and telling them things I learn through Twitter, Google+, Edmodo, blogs, and more. I know I am annoying many who hear me whistling and just want me to stop. It is bothersome to them. It is annoying and they don’t understand a note of it. Maybe, though…just maybe….I am whistling and someone is hearing it. Someone is comforted by it. Someone is learning through it.  All I know is, I have to keep whistling.

17 responses to “I Will Keep Whistling

  1. Lynn Woods says:

    Please don’t stop whistling, I am listening.

    • kbisaill says:

      Thanks, Lynn. This was just one of those posts that I had to get out of my head and on to paper! 🙂 Thanks for welcoming my whistling and whistling along with me.

  2. That’s a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. David says:

    A heart-warming story…thank you for sharing.

  4. sbrown07 says:

    Beautiful story! Thank you for whistling and for listening to the songs that those around you try to whistle.

  5. birdsallb says:

    Thank you for putting things in perspective and reminding me to not stop whistling as well. Well done!

    • kbisaill says:

      Please don’t stop whistling! Your whistling has inspired me in so many ways. I really credit you for keeping me connected. Last fall, at the PLP conference, you sent me a Tweet. I don’t really remember what it said but it was the first time I actually thought….”someone is listening. Someone is actually reading the information I share.” From there, I got a bit braver. I still have far to go…very far to go. I make mistakes. I share too much. I share too little. But, I keep trying. You are an inspiration to many!

  6. Lani says:

    Thanks for sharing such a powerful compelling story around perspective–
    and the deep meaning it has had for you.

    I know that because of your whistling many will come to realize the potential of technology infused learning.


    • kbisaill says:


      I pray that I come to realize the potential of technology infused learning for my students. As much as I enjoy the learning, the connections, the readings, I do it all to hopefully make a difference to my students. Bottom line-that is what counts.

      I am grateful for all you have shared, and shared so willingly. I am forever changed by the failure video you shared with me and the first follower video. Those are tools in my tool belt that I use. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am grateful you did.

  7. lisamnoble says:

    Kay, you and I were obviously sitting in a similar pew through Easter weekend – so, I’ll share my Easter reflection (and final blog post for etmooc) back to you. It’s even musical. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    • kbisaill says:

      Your post was so timely. Recently, a friend, who commented above, just spoke about Mary Chapin Carpenter lyrics. I often have the thought, “sometimes you are the windshield & sometimes you are the bug”. Another wonderful MCC song!

      I enjoyed your post very much. Thank you for taking the time to comment. So often we read a post and we enjoy it but we forget to tell the write how thankful we are they shared with us.

  8. You have given me much to think about. Sometimes the way a person is can really be annoying to us, but if we take the time to get to know them, we can glean so much from them and learn more about ourselves!

    • kbisaill says:

      You are truly my mentor. You have model for me for years to just keep trying. The small and steady steps make the difference. You are a constant source of inspiration for those around you. It really isn’t about the technology for you. It is what you DO with that technology that makes the difference. Keep on whistlin’……I am enormously comforted by it!

  9. patriasmiley says:

    Kay, this story shows that what looks obvious is often not the whole story. It ties in, too, with Patty’s comments about “taking the time to get to know them” and the unexpected things we may learn. I had just read a similar story and have been wondering how best to share it.

    From the blog “Praying for Grace” a great example of what we see or think we see,

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