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Summer Links & SymbalooEdu

on March 26, 2013

Tuesday Tech Tip 3-26-2013 SymbalooEdu

Are you looking for one place to put many links? Consider one website for a variety of summer math and reading links to suggest to parents and students. Imagine using this as your home-screen to quickly navigate to all of your preferred sites. Check out SymbalooEdu for exactly this purpose.

You can make a free account and insert up to 52 links of your preference. Watch the tutorial above on how to use SymbalooEdu, created by Alyssa Calhoun or view an example I made for 1st & 2nd grade.

I placed my Symbaloo created webmix (the term for the Symbaloo creation) on our school webpage for students to quickly access all of the links we use during computer time. You can have this one link, with access to many links, on your homework page throughout the school year.

This approach is much easier than a list of links with lots of \\ and ww….’s that is difficult to remember or to type. Using a cloud storage approach to your favorites or for sharing your classroom sites will definitely make it easier to access.

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