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I No Longer Teach Technology

on December 4, 2012

A year ago when I signed up for a year long, 3 class Capstone journey I thought, “This will be fun! I will discover some cool new tools, work with my coworkers, and learn along the way.” I did those things. I also did so much more.

When I began the course, technology was the spotlight for me. I wanted to learn how to integrate the technology. I wanted to learn cool new programs, and websites and more technology. After this course and all of the connections and collaborations from my PLN, ironically, the technology itself is not at all my focus anymore. I am empowered to share passionate learning and passionate teaching using the enhancement of technology. Teaching and learning through technology is what I strive to do everyday. I no longer “teach technology”.

I have had many significant learning moments throughout this course. Many of those moments came from the lessons I created in Capstone I and Capstone II. As I watched students use the “Mystery Skype” lesson and discover a region of Virginia they previously only saw as a spot on the Virginia map, I realized this is how we bring the lesson to life. We must make these lessons jump out of the book and become “real”. I also was amazed at how the “Social Injustice” lesson from Capstone II took on a life of its own as students wrote in their reflections, “I realized I can make a difference in my world”. Reading their reflections brought tears to my eyes. I would have never given them that learning experience without this course.

Now, that this adventure has ended, I look forward to speaking to my husband again in the evenings. I look forward to not feeling rage when I see the Proxy error as I try to load submissions and create my Technology Portfolio. I look forward to a more relaxed pace in my personal and professional life…..for awhile. I know myself and I crave these types of learning experiences. I believe if I am standing still, I am falling behind. I must continue my learning and challenging myself.

Lastly, I must share all I have learned with my peers in face to face settings, in virtual settings, locally and globally. If I don’t, I am letting down all of those who were in the three courses with me and the coaches I had along the way. They shared with me. They encouraged me. They nudged me to do more and learn more. They selflessly shared their knowledge with me to help my students and fellow teachers. I look forward to continuing and “paying it forward” as I share, encourage and nudge others to create the best learning experiences possible.

9 responses to “I No Longer Teach Technology

  1. Pat Smiley says:

    Well done, Kay! Congratultions to you! Onward and Upward!

  2. David says:

    How did Pat manage to leave a post from the future?

  3. kbisaill says:

    I think I fixed my time zone issue?

  4. Lynn says:

    As one of your nudgees (?), I appreciate all you have learned and that you are willing to share so much of yourself with all of us here at school. Because of you, I no longer lurk in the dark recesses of Twitter and I am blogging with my students. Not because it is cool technology but because it really does expand my learning network and expose my students to a world larger than they can physically reach. Gratefully, I thank you for all your hard work this past year.

    • kbisaill says:

      You are an easy nudgee! But, your enthusiasm, support and your ownership of any project, tool or idea I bring to you allows me to not only BE successful but to FEEL successful. I can not thank you enough for allowing me to nudge you along the path you are so eager to travel! 🙂

  5. Katie says:

    So proud of you, Kay! It has been a joy to have you in my class! Please keep in touch. *Katie

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