Tech, Teaching and Me

Trying to turn off my brain by writing it down

What Next?

on November 24, 2012

As my Capstone II course winds down, the question asked of me is, “What are your plans for developing the technology skills of others? In addition to assisting teachers in your local school and district, how will you apply current technologies and promote participation in national and global groups that focus on improving the technology skills of teachers?” In essence, what next? How do I take the information, the reflections, the tools, and all of this knowledge and share it with my coworkers, my peers virtually, locally and globally, as well as my students?

I have a responsibility to share this information and empower others as the coaches have generously taught and empowered me. If the knowledge stops with me, I have done a great disservice to those who worked with me, learned with me, and granted me this opportunity. I also realize as I teach these concepts, I reinforce and learn these concepts in new ways.

My learning, my growing, my reflecting, and my sharing of these skills with others will not stop here. My professional growth and development will be a bit more relaxed with a few less stressful moments as deadlines approach. I can spend a bit more time with my family and friends. Clearing the cobwebs from my kitchen and the cooking utensils I used before Capstone courses is on my list. Visiting the gym on a regular basis again is once again achievable. I will put my life in balance with personal and professional growth and responsibilities given equal weight.

Of course, I will share the cool new tools, teaching concepts and the learning and teaching strategies with my students. Yet, how do I share all of my learned knowledge, new skills and new perspectives, with my coworkers, my peers, and with others in face to face, virtual and global settings? Well, for me the answer is simple. The answer is-I just do. I promote the amazing things I have learned. I model the incredible new tools I have discovered. I support all of those daring coworkers around me who are willing to try, and fail with me as we learn and grow. I surround myself, in face to face and virtual settings, with other like minded individuals and pursue other options for professional development. I will investigate in more depth the various opportunities that are available to me through organizations and discussions, such as:

Then, I do it all again and again and again. Those around me will begin to believe in this new approach to teaching as much as I do. They will begin to promote, model and support a few others around them. Perhaps, as the video suggests, I will create a few ‘first followers” to dance along with me. Eventually, we are all “dancing” and everyone wants to join in the fun!


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