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Different Types of Reflections

on September 23, 2012

According to the article, “Fostering Reflection by Lana Danielson, “The four modes of thinking enable teachers to connect reflection to practical classroom applications. When the modes are used appropriately, they also help educators understand their own practice and, ultimately, foster the intentional competence necessary for accomplished teaching.”

The four modes are:
Technological (or Formulaic) Thinking-prepackaged knowledge from an external source

Situational Thinking-information gathered from a specific situation or time

Deliberate Thinking-to purposefully seek more information than the immediate context provides; to learn more to better understand the dilemma

Dialectical Thinking-deliberate thinking to gain understanding of a situation and generate solutions

The readings inspired me to purposefully reflect in a previous post. And, inspired me to pursue more educational opportunities for my students to reflect, as well. Using Edublog, my Language Arts teacher and I have created student accounts and blogs to create a forum for our students to purposefully reflect on their work throughout the school year and specific class topics.

2 responses to “Different Types of Reflections

  1. Lynn Woods says:

    I truly believe that writing well is one of the absolutely necessary skills of today’s student. What is difficult is how to get them to think deeply, or reflectively if they do not practice it. I think we are in for an interesting adventure with these blogs this year and I hope you will share with me what you are learning in your class.

  2. kbisaill says:

    Thank you, Lynn. I look forward to all of the joyous moments of learning we will encounter this year!

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