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Broken Summer Promises to Myself

on September 19, 2012

This week I have found myself swimming in the deep end of personal and professional development once again. It’s not even the end of September and summer is a distant memory. All of my promises to myself of going to the gym everyday after work, not working on school work on my couch on days off, or late into the evening have faded and fall to the ground like those leaves that need to be raked in my yard (not by me :), but my husband).

School is in full swing for me. Lesson plans are in the initial stages of creative and worthwhile integrated projects. Grades have been inputted since progress reports are just around the corner. Teacher technology sessions have begun. I am either planning for lessons with my students, or planning for sessions with my teachers. Either way, I am planning and hoping to walk into some room prepared for the 45 minute block. In addition to these duties, I try hard to use any free time during my day to support and assist my Technology Coordinator with all of the hardware, software and demands we have.

This week my Capstone class began. Additionally, the PLP course that our school has graciously offered to us has started. This is the beginning and it always takes me a while to build up stamina and create a routine for myself. So, right now, I am definitely swimming in the deep end of the pool and perhaps even doggie paddling to keep my head above water.

And, that’s okay. Honestly, I have realized that I really enjoy learning just for the sake of learning.

My daughter left for college last month (Go Wahoos!) She is experiencing an education, experiences, classes, thoughts and discussions that I envy. She is learning. And, learning to learn. I feel the change in her through the phone. My son has decided to go back to school and even though he isn’t exactly thrilled about it, I see a glimmer in his eyes when he talks to me about his Abnormal Psych class. He is enjoying it. He is enjoying learning, again. Last week my husband told me his work was offering an online Spanish class. “Should I take it?”, he asked me. “Why not?” was my response. Really, why not? As adults we should realize that learning is what keeps us fresh, young and vital to society. Call it what you will, out of your comfort zone, learning, new opportunities, challenging yourself, or being uncomfortable…it’s all the same. It is something that makes us grow.

This week my Capstone course asked us to think about reflection and creating or discussing the Personal Learning Network you are a part. Writing this blog allows me to reflect and I enjoy it. I don’t know if anyone actually reads it (besides my husband who I sort of make). I am not sure if I really mind if no one else does read it. The point is, I write it. I use the time to reflect on what is important to me and during that time, many things come in to focus for me. That is enough. I reflect and I learn. And, I am grateful for that moment. I haven’t blogged for months. Well, since the end of my last Capstone class. The checklist of items I am suppose to do for the Capstone class include blogging. I need to remember that blogging is a personal experience that I really enjoy. I don’t seem to remember that until I am done blogging, though.

Sort of like going to the gym…..Maybe I will go tomorrow.

5 responses to “Broken Summer Promises to Myself

  1. psmiley says:

    Kay, I am a loyal reader! I hear you, Kay! We want a simpler life but why do chose differently? Learning never gets “old”!

    I am on my iPhone down Inthe RV on the way to see you all!

  2. Kay, you are my rock on “the other-side of the sliding wall”. Yes, it does seem like the planet alignment is off these days. However, we will make it– together.

  3. Lynn Woods says:

    I think you are correct about blogging being more about the blogger than the readers. I feel the same way about writing. I feel that I struggle with writing which is funny since I teach young writers, but after I look back over the finished product I feel a sense of pride. Not necessarily pride in my work because I know some of it definitely could use some more work, but pride that I worked on it and came through the struggle. It is a little like cancer, I hate it when I am going through it but grateful for the experience.

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