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Willingness is Key

on April 5, 2012

“We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn.” -Mary Catherine Bateson

Over the last few weeks, there seems to be one word consistently repeating itself when I speak to others about learning, living and growing as a person and an educator. The word is willing. For me, this is the key to success. Am I willing to try? Am I willing to fail? Am I willing to learn? Am I willing to work with others? Am I willing to try something new? If we as educators aren’t willing to learn, to try, and in general, be WILLING, how can we as a group bring out the best in our students?

I, personally do not like being wrong. And, I have been told on occasion I may have some control issues. I think these statements could be said of most  teachers and educators I know and work with everyday. These are strengths and these qualities are weaknesses. Everyday I see these characteristics used in positive ways and in negative ways. I know I must be willing to try new things. I must be willing to be uncomfortable and wrong. I must be willing to take advice from those around me who have many things to teach me. I must be willing to learn. I must be willing to cooperate. I must be willing to share my successes with others. I must be willing to adjust when something isn’t working. I must be willing to change. If I am unwilling, then I am standing still. If you are standing still, rooted in place, unwilling to learn, to try, to fail, to change, unwilling to move, you will eventually be left behind by those around you who are willing to learn, to change and to grow.

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